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Please first read info regarding traffic in Bohinj: 
- How to get around (soft mobility): https://www.bohinj.si/en/information/how-to-get-around/
- Julian Alps: Bohinj Card (free parking ...): https://www.bohinj.si/en/julian-alps-bohinj-card/
1. LAKE BOHINJ: walking around the lake is easy but not so short hike, might be combined with a tourist boat, a bike tour and/or with swimming:
Swimming in Bohinj Lake is very popular. You can also rent canoes/kayaks and row on the lake for pleasure: at our partner Alpinsport you will get 20% off - see your benefits as you are our guest. Rafting, canyoning, paragliding ... you can arrange these things with Alpinsport directly. It is best to contact them before your arrival in Bohinj. They can also organize hiking tours for you.
- A relatively short circular hike right from the lake shore with the beautiful view on the lake and surrounding hills and valleys: https://www.slotrips.si/en/hiking-mountaineering/rudnica/5418
- Another alternative is a short hike to viewpoint from hill Pec: https://www.bohinj.si/en/top-viewpoints/pec-viewpoint/
2. WATERFALL SAVICA is very unique A-shaped waterfall, a really must see: 
A short hike. You can combine this trip with a bike tour to Hut Savica, some uphill and downhill biking.
3. MOSTNICA GORGE with famous stone Elephant in the riverbed, a nice hiking trail: 
You can combine this trail with easy hiking paths to numerous mountain pastures (alpine meadows) above Bohinj. 
4. PANORAMIC CABLE CAR to ski-centre Vogel with the most beautiful view to Lake Bohinj and towards mountain Triglav which is the highest peak in Slovenia:
There are some hiking tours available from easy walking to medium mountaineering like a main ridge traverse with great panoramic views. You can also help yourself with a chairlift.
- Near Bohinjska Bistrica (in the other direction, uphill from our apartment house) there is another alternative: ski centre Soriska planina highlands. They offer panoramic lifts; it is recommended to take a trail along Rapallo border with bunkers, trenches and barracks dated from the period after WW1.
5. MOUNTAINEERING IN BOHINJhttp://www.summitpost.org/bohinj-group/153412
A. Beautiful Lakes Valley. Start at Savica (near waterfall), ascent via steep wall of Komarca (secured trail on some exposed details) to Black Lake and then continue to the refuge at the Seven Lake Valley: http://www.summitpost.org/the-valley-of-triglav-lakes/876382
You can continue to the Large Lake or to mount Ticarica. The return is possible the same way, or you can choose a way via Komna. One day hiking tour. Best combined with the visit of Waterfall Savica. A shorter round trail is also possible but you will miss the Lakes Valley: Savica - Komarca - Black Lake - Komna - Savica.
Alternative is karst alpine plateau Komna (you can also combine this tour with the visit of Waterfall Savica nearby): follow the mulattiera to the refuge hut on Komna and continue to panoramic saddle Vratca and mountain Lanzevica on nord or mountain Mahavscek on south: https://www.slotrips.si/en/hiking-mountaineering/mali-in-veliki-bogatin-mahavscek/6096
B. Pokljuka Plateau is one giant and dense pine forest, Slovenia is one of the most forested country in the world: https://www.bohinj.si/en/things-to-see/pokljuka/
Drive to Rudno polje (Sports Centre - activities on Pokljuka, half an hour drive from Bohinjska Bistrica). 
- The most visited peak above 2000 m in Slovenia is Mount Visevnik, a very nice mountain. It is 2 hours walking to the top, the shortest trail follows the ski slopes at the bottom of the mountain. You can make a round trip and you can also include unmarked mountains as Ablanca, Veliki/Mali Draski vrh, Tosc. From the top of Visevnik there is stunning near-view to mount Triglav: https://slovenia-trips.com/blog/10-best-hikes-in-slovenia/#visevnik
- Another alternative are mountains above alpine meadow Lipanca: https://www.slotrips.si/en/hiking-mountaineering/viewpoints-above-pokljuka-plateau/6080
C. Easy hiking paths to mountain pastures above Bohinj. Drive with a car from Stara Fuzina to Blato (you have to pay for the road) or start from Stara Fuzina in the valley. From mountain pasture Blato or Vogar take a trail to Planina Jezero with a refuge hut or to some other numerous mountain pastures (alpine meadows) in the vicinity (Dedno polje, Laz, Krstenica, etc.). You can also combine the tour with climbing some peak like mount Zelnarica, Debeli vrh ... You can also choose a trail from Blato to beautiful Lakes Valley, easier than the trail from Savica.
Please consider all of your benefits as being our guests: http://bohinjskih7.com/en/benefitsYou can get 20% discount on bike, kayak, canoe rentals by provider and our partner ALPINSPORT. They also can suggest or organize tours for you. If you decide to rent anything, please contact them directly with the announcement that you are guest of "Bohinjskih 7" (they can also deliver the bikes to our apartment house): http://www.alpinsport.si/
A. Bohinj Cycling Route can be started from your apartment and will take you to the Lake Bohinj and back on a different trail. Easy route, combine it with swimming (best swimming places are on the right side of the lake, looking from Ribcev Laz or Stara Fuzina). Please consider the advantages of using a bike instead of a car: you don't need to search for a free parking place around the lake, with a bike you are far more mobile around the lake and you will see more nature: 
B. Mountain biking in Bohinj
- Rudno polje (Pokljuka): Bohinj - Goreljek - Rudno polje - Uskovnica - Bohinj.
- On Pokljuka there are numerous natural biking trails:
- Vogel Mountainbike Park: https://www.facebook.com/bikepark.vogel/
- Soriska planina: Apartments Bohinjskih 7 - Soriska planina highlands. You can combine this tour with a Rapallo border hike (see the mountaineering section above) or take some attractive mountain bike trails for experienced mountain cyclists: well-groomed footpaths and mule tracks will lead you across nearby peaks, so you can enjoy beautiful views, explore the legacy of the Rapallo border or discover surrounding peaks with a bicycle.
Current events in Bohinj: https://www.bohinj.si/en/events/
- Zipline: https://www.bohinj.si/en/provider/nordic-centre-polje/
Aquapark in the vicinity of our apartment house: https://www.bohinj-eco-hotel.si/aquapark/
  Also Bowling in the same complex as above: https://www.bohinj-eco-hotel.si/hotel/bowling.html
  As our guests you will get discount - see your benefits: http://bohinjskih7.com/en/benefits
Other ideas: 
Triglav National Park: https://www.tnp.si/en/learn/
Museums and cultural attractions
- From Bohinj, culinary and crafted products: https://www.bohinj.si/en/from-bohinj
I. Trip to Lake Bled (15-20 min by car): 
- Small tourist boats named Pletna that take you to the very picturesque island of Lake Bled, a must take: http://www.bled.si/en/what-to-see/symbols-of-bled/pletna
- Vintgar Gorge, near Blead, a beautiful gorge, very nice hiking tour, you will love it: http://www.bled.si/en/what-to-see/natural-sights/the-vintgar-gorge
- For a dessert: Bled cream cake, a local dessert known widely, kids must try: http://www.bled.si/en/what-to-see/symbols-of-bled/cream-cake
II. Further away from Bled (another half an hour from Bled by car) you can visit village Mojstrana and Vrata Valley
- If you continue with a car to the end of the road, then you can take a short hike till the end of the valley and you will see famous Triglav northern wall. You can take an easy trail that will take you right under the mount Triglav and/or continue to the Luknja pass. 
- From the Vrata Valley there are a lot of possibilities for mountaineering within one day. Whole day round tour over mountain Stenar has a stunning view to Triglav northern wall.
- In Mojstrana it is recommended to visit the Slovenian Alpine Mueseum: https://www.kranjska-gora.si/en/sightseeing/cultural-sights/museums/the-slovenian-alpine-museum
III. If you don't mind driving, the following trip further away from Mojstrana might be of interest
On the way up visit Russian chapel, important WW1 memorial more than 100 years from Russian captives massive death because of snow avalanche: https://www.kranjska-gora.si/en/sightseeing/cultural-sights/churches-and-chapels/the-russian-chapel
On the mountain road you will stop in the middle of the climb at the sightseeing tables and look at the Prisank Window, the Devil's Pillar, the Devil's gully and famous Heathen Maiden, a must stop: https://www.kranjska-gora.si/en/sightseeing/natural-sights/view-points/ajdovska-deklica
On the top of Vrsic Pass there is a mountain refuge and it is very recommended to visit Slemenova špica with a beautiful view to "crystal" mount Jalovec (very easy mountaineering, hiking)http://www.slovenia-trips.com/eng/hiking-mountaineering/trip/985/Slemenova-spica. For more demanding mountaineers there are easy to extremely difficult mountain trails with spectacular views: Mala Mojstrovka and Prisojnik/Prisank.
From Vrsic Pass return back to Kranjska Gora and continue with a car towards Planica. You can enjoy Zelenci (natural reserve, emerald green): https://www.kranjska-gora.si/en/sightseeing/natural-sights/gorg es-lakes-valleys-and-other-sights/zelenci-natural-reserve
Visit Nordic centre Planica with a zip line over the biggest ski flying hill in the world: https://www.kranjska-gora.si/en/sightseeing/cultural-sights/museums/nordic-centre-planica
- Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia: https://www.visitljubljana.com/en/visitors/
- Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle: https://www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/home/
- Piran, Secovlje Salina Nature Park and Strunjan Nature Park: https://www.portoroz.si/en/discover/piran
- Lipica Stud Farm: http://www.lipica.org/en/
- Trenta and Soca river: Source of Soca riverSoca GorgeSoca Trail. The quickest way from Bohinj to Soca valley is by a motorail train.
If you have any questions, we will be glad to assist you.
For more info please contact our Tourist Information Center in Bohinjska Bistrica:

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